The most unusual buildings under construction now

Architects continue to create unusual structures

That amaze the imagination. We present to your attention the seven most impressive buildings to be (or have already been) built this year.

The Creek Tower in Dubai (200 floors)

Its construction began in 2016, and its commissioning is scheduled for 2020. The height of the skyscraper will be 928 m, which is exactly 100 m higher than the tallest (to date) structure on the planet, the Burj Khalifa.

The total investment in the project is more than $ 1 billion, and its architect is the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. He drew ideas for the building from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Parisian Eiffel Tower and traditional Muslim minarets, as the Dubai Creek Tower is being built in the Islamic Emirates.

Spire London skyscraper on the banks of the Thames (67 floors)

The construction of the residential skyscraper is in its fifth year and should be completed soon. The height of 235 meters will allow the building to dominate the entire London development, and the rocket-shaped design will become a real decoration of the British capital. The structure was designed by the international studio NOC and the famous designer Nicola Fontanella.

The skyscraper will be the tallest structure in Western Europe and will house shops, restaurants, a five-star hotel and 861 apartments. The project cost is estimated at $ 1.13 billion, and the price of apartments in it will start at $ 795,000.

  1. Hotel Nhow Amsterdam RAI in Amsterdam (25 floors)
  2. At the very beginning of 2020, the largest hotel in the Benelux opened with a capacity of 650 rooms. It was built in the south of the capital of the Netherlands and instantly became one of the brightest landmarks in Amsterdam. For its unusual shape in the form of three triangles and by analogy with a skyscraper (the height of the hotel is 91 m), the building received the unofficial name "earth scraper".
  3. The structure was designed by the OMA architectural bureau Rem Koolhaas, and it was built by the Chinese company Being Development. In addition to accommodating guests, the building serves as the public center of Amsterdam.

QR Milestone building in Esslingen, Germany (12 floors)

The office center being built in the south of Germany cannot boast of a great height (only 40 m), but it is incredibly technological. A special layer is built into the glass of the facade of the building, which is capable of displaying QR codes. Pointing at the windows of a smartphone, residents and guests of Esslingen will be able to read information about the history and modernity of the city, as well as the region where it is located.

The project of the "pixel" building was created by the well-known Rotterdam company MVRDV. Its architects believe that in the future, interactive buildings like Milestone will become a common feature of cities around the world.

Suzhou Zhongnan skyscraper in China (137 floors)

The impressive igloo tower, being erected for the sixth year in the Chinese metropolis of Suzhou, is planned to be completed by the end of 2020. The design height of the structure is 729 m, which will allow the building to become the largest in China and enter the three tallest skyscrapers in the world. The construction budget for Suzhou Zhongnan is an incredible $ 4.37 billion: for this money, developers will receive more than 500 thousand square meters. m of usable area.

It will house offices, apartments, hotel apartments and various infrastructure facilities. The project of the building-needle was developed by the architects of the American company "Thornton Tomasetti", and its Chinese firms are building it.

Center for Science and Innovation in New York (5 floors)

The originality of the building, the construction of which began in 2019, lies in its architectural concept. Architectural studio Studio Gang conceived a structure, the interior of which would resemble an almost natural cave. According to the authors, this decision is most consistent with the purpose of the building, which will house the Science Center of the American Museum of Natural History.

Exhibition halls, auditoriums for students, a library and even a theater will be arranged on five floors of the "cave". The very atmosphere of the building should inspire visitors to engage in science, its creators hope.

Skyscraper Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia (167 floors)

The building, which has been under construction since 2013, should break several world records at once. Firstly, to become the tallest skyscraper on the planet (1007 m), secondly, to get the world's largest spire, and thirdly, the highest observation deck on the 157th floor will be mounted here.

The cost of the megaproject in Jeddah is $ 1.23 billion, after commissioning, at least 80 thousand people will live in the tower. The project of the skyscraper was developed by the British firm "Hyder Consulting", and the chief architect was appointed Adrian Smith, who at one time built the tallest (so far) building in the world, Burj Khalifa.